Wellness Committee Annual Review (2017)

Apr 27, 2017
Category: Administration
Posted by: KahleJ

The Kalida Local Schools Wellness Committee met on April 20, 2017 to review program goals and objectives.  There are five parts to the evaluation. 1) Nutrition Education promotion – “Try It” program at the high school allows students to try new foods at no cost for future menus.  The FFA garden food is popular when available.

The elementary school lunch days promote healthy school lunches and the attendance of guests increases every year.  As many as 80 guests show up some months.  2) Physical Activity – Recesses and Physical Education meet and exceed guidelines.  Access to school facilities is available outside the school day, such as weight room, playground and gyms.  3) Other School-Based Activities that Promote Student Wellness – PAX good behavior games, Brain Break activities, Communications with parents through social media and emails. 

Staff wellness activities include “Inches to Summer” program, “Hold Your Own” weight contest, and “10,000 steps”.  4) Nutritional guidelines for all food available on campus – school meals, free and reduced lunches, meal times and scheduling, and foods distributed outside the school meal are all in compliance.  5)

Implementation and Review for wellness plan – monitoring, evaluating, and public notices are all in compliance.  The committee will reconvene in the fall and are already considering new ideas for next school year.  Public input is welcome.