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Graduation 2016

**** UPDATE **** 

The video on Dropbox will only play for 15 minutes.  You can download the video to your computer from Dropbox to watch the entire video.  THis will also work if you use the mobile Dropbox app.  I am uploading the video to Google Drive to see if you can view the video online.  The second  link at the bottom is for Google.

**** UPDATE ****


The link below will allow you to view or download the materials used in the 2016 Kalida High School Graduation

There are three files in this folder.

2016 Graduation.mp4 is the entire graduation recording and it is very large.  It will take a long time to download for most people.

2016 Powerpoint.m4v is the intial Senior slide show that started the ceremony.  It will download fairly quick.

2016 Senior Video.m4v is the Senior video that was played in the middle of the ceremoney.  It will download failry quick.

Link to Kalida Graduation 2016 on Dropbox

Link to Kalida Graduation 2016 on Goolge



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