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Donor Brick Information

Nov 29, 2018
Category: Administration
Posted by: KnueveS

When building the new high school and elementary buildings, a brick donor wall at both buildings was constructed.  We can and are continually adding bricks to both buildings.  In the high school, we have completed the panels in the auditeria by the trophy cases and we now have in the entrance way by the high school office an area with the next group of bricks.    

In the elementary, the bricks are also in the entrance way by the office.  There is more room at that location to insert new bricks as they become engraved.  

Please, if you haven't had the chance to see the brick donor walls at both buildings, stop in any time and check them out!

If you are interested in purchasing a brick (perhaps as an excellent Christmas present), please read the order form below.  Thanks for your continuing support of Kalida Local Schools!

For More Information Click Here.