School/Athletic Text Alert Sign-up

Kalida Schools is happy to announce that we will begin using the Remind messaging system as our text messaging and notification system.  Ohio Alerts, our current system, will be retired on June 30th, 2021.  Ohio Alerts has served us well in the past but the creators of the system are not able to maintain it any longer.

If you're not familiar with the Remind system, it's a classroom communication tool that makes it easy for parents to stay involved with your child's learning and receive school-wide notices.  Remind is free to use and you will be able to receive messages on any device. Messages can be received via text, email, or the Remind app.

During our roll out of Remind, we will have initial groups you can join, there will be more groups in the future for individual athletics and activities. If you wish to continue receiving text notifications, you must enroll in Remind.  WE WILL NOT BE IMPORTING NUMBERS FROM THE OLD SYSTEM TO THE NEW SYSTEM.

The current groups that we will be using initially are the Kalida Alerts group and the Kalida Athletics group.  These will provide the same notifications that the old system did.  See the instructions below.

When you enroll you will need to select a role - Teacher, Student, Parent. Please select the role that best reflects your role when signing up. If none of these fit you, please select Parent. This class that you are joining will be used for Kalida Schools messages just like you have received from the old text message system.

Our teachers will also use Remind to communicate with parents and students in the future.  We will be rolling this out later in the summer before the start of the school year. There will be more information to follow.