District Mission Statement

Kalida Local Schools Mission Statement

Mission Statement: The mission of education is to prepare students of all ages to meet, to the best of their abilities, the academic, social, civic, and employment needs of the twenty-first century, by providing high-quality programs that emphasize the lifelong skills necessary to continue learning, communicate clearly, solve problems, use information and technology effectively, and enjoy productive employment.

To this end, therefore, the Kalida Local Schools believe:

  1. That the primary mission of public education involves three tasks: first, to develop in each student the ability to communicate and to be communicated with; second, to acquaint the student with those facts, ideologies and techniques upon which modern cultures have been built; and third, to foster in each student the desire to arrive at independent conclusions after an open-minded consideration of all available information.
  2. That the school has equal responsibility with the home, church, and community to point up and reinforce those moral, spiritual, and patriotic values upon which our own culture has been built.
  3. That the school can best fulfill this shared responsibility on an incidental basis rather than in formal classes designed specifically for this purpose, since every class presents many opportunities to effectively reinforce our own morals.
  4. That life in a technological world requires continual and ample readjustment and careful re-evaluation, but we believe that the necessary changes can best be made from a firm base of established human values.

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