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HB 66 Attendance Policy Is Now Law

Apr 12, 2019
Category: Administration
Posted by: KahleJ

Dear Parents and Guardians,

With the passage of House Bill 66 in December, 2018, student attendance procedures will change as part of Ohio Revised Code 3321.141.  These changes are now in effect.

The district policy has consistently required a parent/guardian call on the day of an absence in order for the student to have an excused absence.  Attendance is taken at the beginning of the school day, and if a student is absent without a parent/guardian call, voicemail, email, text, written note or some other prearranged legitimate absence (such as work-study, college visit, etc.), office staff will contact a parent/guardian to follow up regarding the student’s absence.  The new law will not allow written notes sent with siblings, email messages, text messages, etc. from a parent/guardian to be used to excuse a student absence.

The new statue requires schools to contact the parent/guardian when a child is absent and the parent/guardian did not call within the first 120 minutes after the start of school.  Starting immediately, the district will no longer accept emails, text messages, written notes etc., to report a student absence.  Our offices are staffed by 7:15 each morning and will begin accepting calls at that time.  Voicemails are acceptable, but if there is any concern, we are still required to call.  We must verify, or document the attempt to verify, every absence with audio or personal contact with the parent/guardian.  A follow up note will still be required for all absences.

 If it is necessary to update contact information for our records, please contact your child’s office.  If you have any questions about the new mandated attendance procedures, please contact your child’s building administrative staff.  Thank you for your patience as we work to implement the requirements of House Bill 66