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School Update April 21, 2020

Apr 21, 2020
Category: Administration
Posted by: KahleJ

At his daily briefing on Monday, April 20, Governor DeWine announced that all K-12 school buildings will remain closed for the balance of the school year.  Kalida Local Schools will continue the online educational process that has been in place for the past five weeks.  More information will be available regarding the ending of the school year after further discussions with staff members and neighboring school districts with whom we share services. We are also discussing items such as students picking up personal items from their lockers and rooms, returning of library books and electronic devices, and end of the year grade cards. We will do our best to keep you informed as things unfold in the upcoming weeks. 

In addition, all student-related activities scheduled in April and May have been cancelled, with the exception of prom and graduation.  We are currently working on alternate plans for those two events based on state regulated mandates.  Unfortunately, all spring athletic seasons have also been cancelled.  All school facility use will remain off limits until further notice. 

It is important that we continue to work together in continuing our efforts to do the very best for your son/daughter.  We cannot overstate our appreciation to you, the parents, students, staff, and community for all your cooperation and assistance during March and April, and anticipate continued effort for the last four weeks of the school year.  Everything you have done to continue to learn, to teach, to guide, to stay safe and healthy during this crisis has been awesome.

Karl Lammers